About HCL

Hoque Consultancy Ltd has provided educational consultancy services and advice to international students throughout the UK since 2009 and is based in London. Hoque Consultancy Ltd was originally called Hoque Consultancy 4u. Associated with many UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor Colleges and UK Ranking Universities all over the UK, our fully qualified staff members are able to offer a professional educational and advice service to international students allowing them to get into the best UKVI Highly Trusted Sponsor Colleges and Universities. HCL provides free services to international students, while helping them to find, without difficulties, their preferred courses. Students do not waste valuable time, energy and money. With a complement of skilled full-time and part-time consultants, Hoque Consultancy Ltd operates as an effective professional team. Hoque Consultancy Ltd (HCL) is managed by Mr.Fazlul Hoque who has been working in the education consultancy market for many years and also run a UKVI Sponsored College in London. Mr.Hoque is educationally qualified from both overseas and the UK. He has successfully completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Liverpool John Moores University. UK. Hoque Consultancy Ltd (HCL) provides free educational consultancy services, including finding out appropriate courses and Colleges/Universities for international students. HCL is actively engaged in opening additional offices worldwide. HCL aims is to provide exceptional services to international student who have a fixed intention to study in UK. HCL provides faster services to international students than many other consultancy groups, putting student needs first. We aim to make sure students’ dreams come true! HCL recruits only the best students and the very best consultants!