Frequently Asked Question?

Am i eligible to get Travel discount while studying?

  • Yes. Maximum 30% while you are studying in full time.

Well I get part time work rights if i get admission in university?

  • Yes. Part time work will be allowed.

Is there any scholarship for Bachelor programme?

  • Yes. But it is totally depends on your qualification and Universities policy.

How do i get Universities Bank details to make payments?

  • It should be in your offer letter.

What is best option to make payments to University?

  • By Banker Draft or Transfer to the Universities Bank Accounts.

How do I get CAS letter from university?

  • You need to fulfil min entry requirement to get the CAS letter from University.

Can i use offer letter to make my visa application?

  • No. You need valid cas letter to make application.

Do i need to send original copies?

  • No. scan copy is ok to check but you have to submit your original copies to Embassy or high commission.

What documents do I need to make an application with?

  • Full passport copy
  • O level or GCSE
  • A level
  • Bachelor certificate and Transcript (if you have completed)
  • Masters certificate and Transcript (if you have completed)
  • Medical Certificate (if you applying from overseas)
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank Statement (full 28 days)
  • Relationship proof notification (if you using your parents BANK)
  • Photo
  • English Proficiency certificate (i.g. IELTS)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Filled application form

What is the maximum courses duration for MBA?

  • Maximum 21 months.

What is the minimum English requirement for MBA Courses?

  • IELTS 6.5 overall, not less than 6.0 each band.

What is the minimum English requirements for BA (Hons) courses?

  • IELTS 5.5 each band

What is the BA top courses maximum duration?

  • 19 Months (including Pre-sessional English) min 10 months.

What is the course duration for Bachelors?

  • 2 and half years to more than 3 years.

How Hoque Consultancy Ltd help me to get admission?

  • Hoque consultancy Ltd has been nearly 6 years counselling and assisting student to get admission in UK Institutions. We have got qualified and experience advisor who can help you to get admission your choose Universities. HCL is helping fill the application form, making good personal statement and preparation for visa interviews.

Do you charge for processing application fees?

  • No but T&C apply.

Can i get any career services from partner institutions?

  • Yes. Partner institution has their own career service department.