Pre-Arrival Guide

We are delighted that you have chosen Hoque Consultancy Ltd to help provide admission to your university of choice. We are really happy about your decision to join our listed university for higher study.

Finance: before you start your journey to any foreign University for higher education make sure you have enough money to finish the course which you have chosen. The university will not help you to register without adequate funding.

Bank Account:  it is really important that you open a bank account in order to manage your money in the safest and most effective way. To open a bank account overseas you may need to get a letter from your university for that purpose. Your university will give you information on how to do this.

Register for Health and Insurance: you should register with a doctor as soon as you arrive in the country in which you will be studying.  For more information about registering on Health and Insurance you can speak with your university.

Some more information to help you:

  • Collect your student ID card from your university
  • Collect Local council tax letter from your university
  • You may need to register with the Police, if required
  • Apply for a student travel card to get student discount
  • Pay accommodation deposit and get confirmation

N: B For your safety and security you should check with your university. We are just trying to give you some basic information.