HCL-UCAS Application Support

HOQUE CONSULTANCY LTD is an official, recognised UCAS centre; therefore we can provide you with free, independent advice on how to submit an appropriate, successful UCAS application. With only five university choices available to each student but with 100,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses available, you must understand how the UCAS process works. You have clearly to choose the right university and course for you! Don’t make a mistake! Let HOQUE CONSULTANCY LTD help you! Apply now.

HOQUE CONSULTANCY LTD will introduce you to appropriate universities and programmes, ones that fit your needs. Discuss with you what university or course you should thereby apply to, and our experienced staff will successfully construct your UCAS application. In addition, our team will guide you to complete your personal statement, add any references you have to your UCAS application, and track its progress on your behalf. The UCAS buzzword for HOQUE CONSULTANCY LTD is– Hoque2017.

WE are here to make your university experience a success!

Tel: 0870 1122211
Web: www.ucas.com