Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is higher education qualification studied at Higher Education Colleges or universities that helps students to develop a thorough understanding of a subject at levels 4/5 and 6. Unlike other courses such as Accountancy, BAs are assessed on an entirely academic basis.

The BA requires specialist knowledge on a particular subject or subjects and is commonly assessed through essays and dissertations. It develops students’ critical-thinking, information utilisation and transference, and written and spoken skills.

A level of study and information presentation is required leading to Masters or Phd study. Bas take three years full-time or four years part-time to complete. Usually lecture attendance is required. Online study is possible with most universities, but not with the best universities, but flexible learning can be negotiated with even the better universities.

UK degrees are classified as either Ordinary or Honours – this can vary according to the university or college. Top students are awarded a First Class degree, the next an Upper Second Class degree (usually referred to as a 2:1), followed by a Lower Second Class degree (usually referred to as a 2:2), while those with the lowest marks gain a Third Class degree.

BA course are generally suitable for school and college leavers with a level-3 qualification such as A-Level, BTEC, Higher Secondary Certificates, etc. For the better universities such as Bristol, Durham or Cambridge and Oxford a student is expected to obtain the highest marks in each subject taken. Competition is fierce at these universities.

Key features of this course

  • Help to gain skills that can lead to highly skilled employment or professional status, advanced degree programmes and more.
  • Students receive an excellent education across the range of topics restricted to an area of interest in a supportive and responsive environment.
  • Will be able to understand and demonstrate the main concepts, approaches and theories studied in the BA.
  • A BA degree is unique to areas of interest, academic strengths and future career goals
  • A BA involves a range of qualitative and quantitative skills that can be applied to academic disciplines and future careers. Managers in many industries now require a degree.

Entry Requirements

GCE A levels, IB, BTEC Level 3, Extended Diploma, and Cambridge Pre-U Diploma. Higher secondary Certificate.

All non-UK applicants must meet our English language requirements. For this course it is Academic IELTS (UKVI) of 6.0 overall, with no element below 5.5

Subject Areas

Start & Duration

January-April / June-August / October-November

12 Months full-time, 18 Months full-time, 24 Months full-time

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