Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

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Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

An MPhil is a way of testing whether postgraduate research suits them and a shorter research degree which is completed to the same quality as a PhD. If it does, Students will be can often transfer to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  and continue to research and also to learn alongside other candidates, building up a network of potential collaborators in research projects. At the same time, they are excellent opportunities to develop student critical skills and high-level thinking.

Key features of this course

  • The general ability to conceptualise, design and realise a project for the generation of new knowledge
  • It provides a more critical and rigorous exploration of your particular subject area.
  • Guiding Students to obtaining ethical approval to realise research
  • Proposed methodology and techniques for analysis
  • An opportunity to gain a significant grounding in research methods and Skills.

Entry Requirements

Start & Duration

January-April / June-August / October-November

Full-time: 18-36 months

Part-time: 30-48 months

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